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Who Says We Can’t Change the World?

ucsc_cartwheel Faculty and staff at UC Santa Cruz change the world every day through our deep commitment to students, education, and research.

Now, as part of The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz, faculty and staff are asked to consider the impact their personal giving can have on this great university.

From May 4 to May 15,  we are highlighting faculty and staff giving and the importance of philanthropy to the future of UC Santa Cruz.

What will my gift support?

It  supports the area you designate—and you can choose any area you care about. Among the many possibilities:

Search or browse  an A-Z list of all giving opportunities.

* Donors to the UC Santa Cruz Fund at  $1,000 and above annually are recognized as Chancellor’s Associates.

How do I make a gift?

  • Payroll Deduction. Use our online payroll deduction form to designate a one-time gift, a gift in even payments over 12 months, or an ongoing monthly gift.
  • Online. Through our secure online giving form.
  • Phone. Call (831) 459-1920 and pay with a credit card.
  • Mail. Complete a gift form and send it with your check.
  • Planned giving. If you would like to make a gift in your estate plans, learn more at Planned Giving  or call  831-502-7112. Those who make a gift in their estate plans are recognized as members of the 21st Century Club.

Do small gifts matter?

Absolutely! Gifts of every size add up to create impact for the programs and people we support.

Learn more

Q&A on Faculty and Staff Giving Drive

Keynote: Two-week campaign starts May 4

Faculty and Staff Giving Drive begins today!

Final Day of Faculty and Staff Giving Drive


Volunteer Leadership

Greg Gilbert and Maria Choy


Maria Choy

We are pleased to serve as co-chairs of the UC Santa Cruz Faculty and Staff Giving Drive. We  invite you to join us in becoming donors. No one knows better than those of us closest to the university the impact of the teaching, learning and research that happen here and which inspire us every day.

This short drive — from May 4 to May 15 — is a focused effort to increase faculty and staff donor participation and highlight the impact of giving.

While giving is welcome at any time, these two weeks create a special time for each of us to think about the value of what we do every day.  And it is a time to consider helping build the resources that support the programs and people we care deeply about. Gifts of every size matter.

Together, we truly are changing the world.

Greg Gilbert, Faculty co-chair
Professor of Environmental Studies

Maria Choy, Staff co-chair
Administrative Specialist at Long Marine Lab

 Why I give

BR at awards oct2012Barbara Rogoff
Professor of Psychology

When I tried to pay my parents back for what they spent on my college expenses, my dad said, “Please don’t. If you did, I wouldn’t be able to pay my debt to my parents, who helped me pay for college. You can pass this along and help others.” My contributions especially go toward helping students who are first in their family to attend college.

Joe-DePage-VerticalJoseph DePage
Housing Coordinator at Porter College

My professors and program advisors gave me such personal attention and encouragement in my undergraduate years that it seemed wrong not to return that support once I began my career at UC Santa Cruz. The payroll deduction option is also a very easy way to give back to UC Santa Cruz­ — and for me to support the Classics Program.

 Bruce ThompsonBruce Thompson
Continuing Lecturer in Humanities

The idea of leaving a legacy, something that will continue to make a difference in this world after I leave it — that idea appeals to me. The money in my 403(b) account will go to UC Santa Cruz tax-­free, and it will help ensure the future of a program I care about very much: Jewish Studies.  The opportunity to honor the program’s founder, Murray Baumgarten, by directing my contribution to the chair named for  him, was another incentive to make a substantial gift. I am delighted that there is an opportunity for me to give something back to this great university, and that future generations will benefit from my gift!