The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz closed with $335 million raised.
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Campus Priorities

The campaign supports the extraordinary educational environment, high impact research, and enduring commitment to social and environmental responsibility at UC Santa Cruz.  Our campus priorities:

Transformative Student Experience 

Enhancing UC Santa Cruz’s distinctive student experience is an overarching goal of the campaign. That means investing in shared campus spaces–including the Quarry Amphitheater and the Science and Engineering Library–and a center that supports student leadership. And it means increasing opportunities for experiential learning  and ensuring our colleges are strong and well-funded.

Signature Initiatives

Leveraging areas of existing global leadership, the university is seeking donor support for signature initiatives in genomicscoastal sustainability, data science and in creating a unique institute for the cross-disciplinary research and exploration in the arts and sciences.

Academic Divisions and Library

UC Santa Cruz’s five Academic Divisions – Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Baskin School of Engineering, and Physical and Biological Sciences–are centers of interdisciplinary inquiry and renowned original research. Investment in them gives the world new knowledge and educates tomorrow’s critical thinkers. The UC Santa Cruz Library is a core resource for all.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Faculty Support

Direct financial support through scholarships, fellowships and faculty chairs keeps UC Santa Cruz competitive in attracting and retaining top undergraduate and graduate students, as well as world-class faculty.

  • Providing a transformational student experience
  • Developing breakthroughs in genomics & evolutionary biology
  • Protecting fragile coastal ecosystems
  • Harnessing the power of data for good
  • Providing a resource for tomorrow's critical thinkers
  • Attracting and retaining top students and faculty