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Academic Divisions and Library

Each academic division at UC Santa Cruz emphasizes interdisciplinary inquiry and experiential learning. UC Santa Cruz seeks to make specific investments in the initiatives and facilities that each division needs. These investments are key to maintaining and growing UC Santa Cruz’s commitment to academic excellence and to work that is as disruptive as it is extraordinary.


In addition to leadership in the Institute of the Arts and Science signature initiative, priorities include a named School of the Arts, Dean’s Fund for excellence, and a new Film Building.

Baskin School of Engineering

In addition to leadership in the Data Science signature initiative and UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute signature initiative, priorities include Games and Playable Media, and Water and Power Sustainability.


Priorities include the Institute for Humanities Research, Jewish Studies, The Dickens Project, Deans’s Excellence Fund, New Humanists Fund.

Physical and Biological Sciences

In addition to its leadership in the Coastal Sustainability signature initiative, priorities include Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, Biomedical Science, Student Excellence in the Sciences.

Social Sciences

In addition to leadership in the Coastal Sustainability signature initiative, priorities include Latin American and Latino Studies, Reconsidering Economic Systems, Emerging Worlds, and Interaction and Community.

UC Santa Cruz Library

Priorities include renovating the Science and Engineering Library, digitalizing Special Collections and Archives, and bolstering Faculty Research Collections.

  • Developing breakthroughs in genomics & evolutionary biology