The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz closed with $335 million raised.
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Jack Baskin School of Engineering

The Baskin School of Engineering is recognized for its innovative, cross-disciplinary work, including our progress in genomic sequencing and cancer research, digital gaming, and clean energy systems. To expand the school’s impact, we seek funding for the following initiatives:

Genomics Institute

The UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute,  a signature initiative of the campaign,  creates the framework for the next great leap in the science of genomics.  With more than three decades of history in pioneering genomics research, the institute unites UC Santa Cruz’s efforts to empower the global scientific community to develop breakthroughs in health and evolutionary biology.

Data Science Leadership

We will establish the Data Science Institute, support the Center for Research in Storage Systems, add endowed chairs in Storage and Security, Data Analytics, and other key areas This is one of UC Santa Cruz’s Signature Initiatives.

  • Creative computer game design
  • Attracting and retaining top students and faculty