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The UC Santa Cruz Library is filled each day with people coming together to create, share, and retrieve knowledge–millions access its resources in person or electronically every year. The rapidly expanding digital environment presents the UC Santa Cruz Library with unprecedented new opportunities to support learning, teaching, and research.

Priorities include:

Science and Engineering Library

Renovation will re-configure the interior of the building to accommodate more group study rooms, collaborative workspaces, a cafe, a late night study area, state-of-the-art information commons. Other key improvements include expansion updating of the Computer Games Laboratory and establishing a Geographic Information Systems Center.

Special Collections & Archives

Currently, only about half of the archival collections are fully processed. Additional funding is urgently needed to support the hiring of a campus archivist to maintain the University Archives.

Steward Scholarly Output

Enhance the capacity for big data services and e-research support while contributing to the data management infrastructure of the campus.

Faculty Research Collections

Support is needed to bring new collections and research databases online for our users and to continue to reinvigorate workspaces, services, and study areas.

Sustainable Digital Services

Digital services require investments in software and hardware as well as investing in advancing the skills of the staff to plan, design, build, implement, and operate digital services.

  • Providing a resource for tomorrow's critical thinkers

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