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Signature Initiatives

Our Signature Initiatives stem from UC Santa Cruz’s core strengths of cross-disciplinary cooperation, commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and an unparalleled record of innovation. By developing each of these ambitious initiatives, we will elevate UC Santa Cruz’s contributions to health,  the environment, the sciences, and the arts, and leave our unique mark on a rapidly changing world.

Genomics Institute

Daring to imagine the defeat of cancer and other devastating diseases

Coastal Sustainability

Understanding and protecting the threatened interface of land and sea

The Institute of the Arts and Sciences

Innovative exhibitions, teaching and research. The usual boundaries do not apply

Data Science Leadership

Shaping the foundational science for advances in all walks of life

  • Breaking new ground in genomics research
  • Protecting fragile coastal ecosystems
  • At intersection of art and science
  • Harnessing the power of data for good