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Coastal Sustainability Initiative

UC Santa Cruz is a global leader in marine science and environmental studies, which gives us expertise on both land and sea as we tackle the pressing issues of Coastal Sustainability. Our Coastal Science campus is perched on the edge of Monterey Bay, giving us immediate access to remarkable biodiversity; our research into the critical issues of sustainable agriculture is anchored in our 30-acre organic farm and garden.

UCSC Coastal Case Statement

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Our plans include establishing a multi-disciplinary graduate program in coastal sustainability. From coastal economics to climate change to protecting threatened species, our goal is to make a substantive impact on environmental issues surrounding the health of fragile coastal ecosystems in California and all around the world. Our funding priorities include:

Sustainable Food Systems

An organically managed 2-acre garden and 25-acre farm on the main UC Santa Cruz campus serve as research, teaching, and training facilities. Funding will secure operations and improve access so the public can see firsthand the connection between agroecology and coastal sustainability.

Support for Interdisciplinary Research in Coastal Science

Endowments to support undergraduate student field research opportunities, and graduate and postdoctoral fellowships

Coastal Sustainability Graduate Program

This  academic program will ensure that the  findings and insights generated by coastal scientists inform in-depth research and policy decisions in public and private sectors.

Marine Mammal Research Facilities

The reconstruction and expansion of the outdoor research pools will allow important new studies of marine mammals, such as seals, sea lions, dolphins and sea otters.

Seymour Marine Discovery Center

For more than a dozen years, the Seymour Center has been fostering public understanding and awareness of coastal science research and conservation. An endowment will provide secure funding for this outstanding public resource.

Coastal Biology Building

Donor funds will leverage state investment in this new, coastal campus laboratory and lecture facility, supporting coastal science teaching and research.


  • coastal-tracking-otters
    Tracking sea otters by radio and telescope
  • coastal-casfs
    Harvesting squash at the organic farm
  • coastal-hay-barn
    Barn becoming environmental center
  • coastal-seymour-center-exhibits
    Seymour Marine Discovery Center
  • Plant Physiological Ecology class

Resident sea lion Ronan keeps the beat


Introduction to UC Santa Cruz Farm and Garden


Working to save the Hawaiian monk seal