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Data Science Leadership

By offering new ways of observing, measuring, analyzing and interpreting, the field of data science is rapidly opening up new avenues of discovery. The discoveries it makes possible have tremendous potential for improved policy and decision-making in health and medicine, commerce, finance, politics, education, environmental sustainability, and many other endeavors critical to society.

The Data Science Leadership Initiative at UC Santa Cruz will accelerate and support data science discovery across campus, in Silicon Valley and California, and around the world. The key areas in which we will lead:

Developing foundational research theory

As an emerging field, data science requires the development of new theoretical foundations – new computational, algorithmic and analytic theory to support principled extraction of insight from data. Data is messy. It includes a mix of structured, unstructured, text, video and other multi-media data. Traditional computational and statistical assumptions no longer hold.

Training responsible data scientists

Forecasts of increased demand for trained data scientists are huge. As leaders in the data science revolution, UC Santa Cruz is an important  source of data scientists trained in responsible collection, management and use of data, security and privacy issues, and the concepts of bias, causality and the curse of dimensionality.

 Applying data science for social good

Many of the most compelling data science application domains have important social good components: the environment, education, civic engagement and healthcare to name a few. As researchers in these fields face a deluge of newly available data, they will benefit from working with data scientists and having access to the latest methods and tools—and data scientists will benefit from having partners across academic disciplines with a range of societal concerns.

  • Leveraging data for social good
  • Harnessing the power of data for good

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