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Experiential Learning

At UC Santa Cruz, not only do we challenge students to ask these questions, we encourage them to engage in meaningful research projects to solve them. To further expand learning opportunities for undergraduate students, we seek donor support for these programs in undergraduate research and in internships and field studies.

We provide research and hands-on learning opportunities that students at other schools seldom get. This gives our students the experience of being involved in the creation of knowledge, of taking risks to learn something truly new.

Chancellor  George Blumenthal

  Undergraduate Research

Early undergraduate involvement in UC Santa Cruz’s cutting ­edge research will be facilitated through the Office of Undergraduate Research in these areas:

  • Undergraduate Research Cohort: Research groups are not only an important part of research and discovery, they build community and allow students to naturally mentor one another and bond around the desire to solve a specific problem.
  • Undergraduate Research Summer Symposium:  Enhancing and expanding on an existing annual conference will create a forum for all students across multiple divisions to present their findings to peers, faculty, and community and industry leaders.   Undergraduates present work at Summer Research Symposium

  • Support Funds: Individualized research enables students to investigate, under the guidance of faculty, a new topic or question of deep interest to the student
  • Development of Foundations in Research Course: Designed for sophomores and juniors, this course will prepare students for university­-level research and provide a foundation for students wanting to pursue an advanced degree.
  • Community College Transfer Summer Research: This concentrated program will teach incoming transfer students about the UC Santa Cruz undergraduate research landscape and how they can actively engage in it.


Internships and Field Study

Establishing grants for student-initiated field study and stipends for on-campus and off-campus internships.

  • Creative computer game design
  • Tracking otters by radio & telescope